Amazon product photography

What is the need to know about Amazon product image requirements?

Amazon product image requirements

Amazon is a fantastic and most popular e-commerce platform for selling products globally. High-quality product photography is often generating your business. In success. The customer comes here to choose their product. The product sell depends on product image quality. So we always advise them to follow the key Amazon image requirements, began by the Amazon themselves.

There is a lot of amount of content on product photography. We are allowing you to travel into granular detail about product photography image requirements, main listings, secondary listing images, etc, but we’ve pulled together a summary of the key requirements that you simply should know.

Basic Requirements

For any images, they must use the following requirements:

  • Fill the image background pure white
  • Clean the images like objects and dust
  • File type JPEG, PNG or GIF
  • The maximum file size is 10mb
  • Color should be RGB

Amazon Requirements

  • Crop the image of 2000px by 2000px
  • Save the file as a JPEG
  • The maximize the compression of the Amazon Image requirements
  • Save the file as sRGB color.

Main Image Requirements

Amazon always places far greater restrictions on most images in comparison. To the secondary image aside from the technical rules. The principle still stands that professional product photography will cause more sales, whether the most photo or a secondary one.

The first main listings must have a pure white background. The Image fills 100% of the entire area of the photograph with a pure white background. Furthermore, they need to be clear, clean, and accurately portray the merchandise you’re selling. Some key restrictions include not showing multiple views, no brand tags, or graphics. You can found the full list of rules and regulations within your Amazon seller account.

They need to adhere to the essential requirements at the highest of this page for secondary images. You’ve got much more freedom to urge creative and boast your products in their best light.

Clothing Photography – Key Requirements For the most Images

With any quite product photography, you would like to believe the simplest found out to maximize the merchandise, but with clothing, there are some specific Amazon image rules that have got to be adhered to and you don’t want to fall foul of those, because it may mean you would like to travel back and take new images, causing a loss of your time and money.

Firstly, clothing must be photographed on a model or a flat surface, whereas accessories including hats, belts, and ties must be shown on flat surfaces only. Child and baby products should be displayed flat only.

Finally, any clothing photography finished items like lingerie or swimwear, must not be in any way sexually explicit or obscene.


Once you’ve got your head around the requirements that Amazon places on images, it’s all about creating the foremost effective images for your products. We’ll publish further content on this within the coming weeks to assist you to design the simplest product images and listings possible and really boost your sales.

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