Glossy text

How to do text glossy in Photoshop

How to do text glossy in Photoshop

Glossy text can be cool and engaging. When I come across similar effects, I always think about what layer styles have been used to achieve the effect. In fact, it’s easy to create a nice font using just a few layers. Today I’ll show you how simple it can be!

Step 1

Create a new 700px document with 72 pixels / inch. Let’s start with a nice background. I chose the wood motif from this set. But you can use any wooden texture you like. I bleached it (CTRL + SHIFT + U) to make it a little darker I also added one adjustment layer with the following transition.

This ensures the transition to black at the top and also at the bottom of the image, that’s all we need to adjust the background.

Step 2

For this effect you can use whatever font you want, I generally like Lobster, so I chose it for this purpose. Create a new text layer using the Text (T) tool and type anything large enough to take up most of the surface.

Now we start applying different layer styles. To start with, use Drop Shadow (Layer-> Layer Style-> Drop Shadow) and set it as the screenshot.

Next, add the Blue Outer Glow (Layer-> Layer Style -> Outer Glow)

Then Bevel and relief

Double-click Gloss Profile to create a curve similar to me. It may not be exactly accurate, you can slightly customize it and the font you have chosen

Now add light blue Color Overlay and Gradient Overlay. You won’t be able to see the effect right away because of the Modes we use, but it will change when you add it.

A Gradient Overlay

Confirm and save the styles used now.

Step 3

To cover the sample, I chose a photo of what I found here

Bleach the photo (Shift + CTRL + U) and add a spherical filter (Filter -> Deformation -> Fillet) at a rate of 100%.

Now let’s use a slightly circular blur (Filter-> Defocus -> circular blur) with a value of 15

Now we save this photo as a sample (Edit -> Define Sample) You can keep the name Sample 1

Now let’s go back to the layer styles and add Pattern Overlay. Select the one we just created from the menu.

You can use the cursor to adjust the position of the pattern above the text while the Overlay dialog box is open. You should create something similar to me in the picture below.

The last layer style we use will be a Stroke. Set the fill type to Transition and set the values ​​as shown in the screenshot

Finally, to give the text a little brilliance. Take a thin white brush and apply a little shine. Do this on the layer above the text.


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