How to get better picture from remove background clutter

Alex Barry

1 November 2019

Remove Background Clutter for Better Picture

Removing background clutter can prevent your subject from getting lost within the image. If your background is too busy, it distracts your viewer’s eye away from the subject and lessens the impact it might otherwise have. Worse yet, If the viewers have to work hard to pick your subject out of the background, they will most likely lose interest in your photograph and move on.

The more simple your background, the more your subject stands out. Before taking the picture, get in the habit of moving your eye around the frame, from corner to corner, to make sure there aren’t any distracting elements. Watch for distractions immediately behind your subjects as well, like trees or poles sprouting out of people’s heads. Bonus tip: By using a large aperture lens and a shallow depth of field, you can blur the background, producing a phenomenon known as bokeh, adapted from a Japanese word meaning “blur”.

A blurred background can greatly enhance your subject within the frame and set the mood of a photograph. Play with different colors and shapes in the background to bring even more interest to the image.

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